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We feel that some articles and information are so important that they should always be accessible. We've listed them below and hope that everyone will read them.

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ATV Financing Tips

Follow These Guidelines To Avoid Hassles when Looking For Your ATV Loan

Finding the right ATV financing can be simple or a complicated problem and it all depends on how much preparation you do before you look. Since the popularity growth of ATVs during the past five years, there are a variety of financing options including traditional banks, ATV dealers, and online loan companies that now offer loans for the purchase of new and used ATVs. Some even offer financing to those of us who have had some credit problems. The following tips are designed to help you streamline your ATV loan search, and hopefully, will result in you finding your ideal finance situation.

First, before you approach financial institutions for a loan you should get a copy of your credit report. You will find it helpful to have this information since interest rates and monthly terms on ATV and other consumer loans are based on the credit score contained in your credit report. Obtaining a copy of your own credit report can help you to make sure that reporting companies are reporting accurate information, and you'll also be able to make sure that the credit / lending companies are telling you the truth about your credit history and its effect on the available financing. In the case of a bank that does not provide you with a desirable interest rate and informs you that the reason is several late payments listed on your credit report. You'll either know this is the case by having your credit report, or you'll be able to dispute their claim.

Another benefit of obtaining your credit report will be to ensure that the credit reporting agencies do not have inaccurate information or errors on your report. Fixing any errors on your credit report before applying for any type of financing, including an ATV loan, can make a significant difference in the interest rate and monthly terms. If you find an error on your free credit report, contact the credit reporting agency and have them open a dispute file. File the proper paperwork to have your information corrected and stay in contact with the credit reporting company until they make the changes.

Second, try to determine your best financing option before contacting the lending institutions. After analyzing your credit report ask yourself "Is my credit good?" If not, it will be best for you to approach companies that specialize in making loans to folks with a spotted credit history.

If you have a good credit history you will typically be able to find hassle-free unsecured personal loans online, through your local bank, and more than likely your ATV dealer. See a breakdown of ATV loan sources here.

When looking at ATV loan options you will typically be considering an installment ATV finance or credit card financing. Installment ATV loans work much the same way as auto loans. You sign a contact that calls for you to pay a fixed monthly payment for a specified length of time like 36 or 48 months. There are usually two forms of installment loans used for ATV loans and they are unsecured personal loans and secured installment loans. An unsecured personal loan offers the most flexibility, but it may not be offered by all of the lending companies you contact. Unsecured loans have an easier application system online and you usually get a rapid response regarding your acceptance and the lending terms. Also, since the loan is unsecured the lender will not require a lien on your ATV as is the case with a secured loan. Finally, unsecured personal loans are available for good and bad credit applicants and usually offer flexible payment terms that won't kill your budget. The problem with unsecured loans is that the interest rates will be pretty high if you have a bad credit history.

The use of credit cards as a means to finance an ATV purchase has been growing since many dealerships are offering credit card financing such as Yamaha credit card financing, Polaris Star card financing or Honda credit card financing. Unlike an installment loan, with a credit card you will have the ability to add on accessories, parts, service and any other items after your initial ATV purchase. However, you should know that credit cards usually have much higher interest rates than installment loans. These higher rates can sometimes place you in a precarious financial position than if you had chosen to get an unsecured or secured installment ATV loan, especially if you have some bad credit to begin with.

If you have a bad or spotty credit history you will find it difficult to get approved for bad credit ATV loans with credit card specific financing, so you may want to limit your search to unsecured or secured personal loans.

Third, consider adding on items to be financed by your loan. If/when you get ATV financing one thing you should consider is add-on-items that you might want to finance along with the ATV. Add-on-items come in many shapes and sizes and include things such as ATV accessories, pre-paid maintenance, extended warrantee protection, insurance, and an ATV trailer (a much needed item for many of us). Many lenders will allow you to include most of these items in your original loan amount. So when applying for ATV loans, make sure you have considered the add-on-items in the loan amount you are going to seek.

We want to voice a word of caution if you are looking to purchase extended protection or pre-paid maintenance. Make sure you understand all of the terms of these coverages before buying. Read the fine print; the devil is in the details as they say. For instance, is the extended warranty policy transferable if you sell your ATV? Can you use the extended warranty at other dealers in case you move out of town? If so, which ones and how extensive is the dealer coverage? What exactly is covered by the pre-paid maintenance? What happens to the pre-paid maintenance if you move out of town? Getting these questions answered will help you determine if these coverages are a good idea for you or not.

Finding financing for your ATV does not have to be a painful experience. The above listed steps can help you to make buying and financing your ATV as hassle free and enjoyable as possible. To see what type of financing options you have go to LendingTree. They'll be happy to lend you a hand.






















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