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Important Info.
We feel that some articles and information are so important that they should always be accessible. We've listed them below and hope that everyone will read them.

Tellico ORV Area Under Attack

MOAB Under Attack!

US Forest Service Abusing programs and we're losing land use!

Editorial Article about the misuse of Recreation Site Facility Master Planning (RSFMP) program

National Forests Could See Large Closures - enough said!

California OHV Funding At Risk!

Informative Article About The US Government and the Recreation Site Facility Master Plan (RSFMP) program. - a must read!

Articles of Interest To The Off Road Community

June 11, 2007
St. Anthony, ID Shooting for ATV Parade Record
City officials in this eastern Idaho town (St. Anthony) are hoping to set a new ATV parade record by drawing at least 2,276 participants to the St. Anthony ATV and Sand Rail Parade next weekend (June 16th). If they are able to get that many riders on Saturday, it would double the record set last summer in Kentucky when 1,138 riders took part in a similar event. We're not sure we want them to break the record. After all we're Kentucky natives and we like the fact that someone in our state holds the record! Oh well, if they top us, we'll just have to go bigger next year! A five-mile parade route has been planned from St. Anthony to the Desert Oasis RV Park at the St. Anthony Sand Dunes, an ATV riding area. Good luck in your efforts St. Anthony, ID!

California Legislature Looking at Large Increase in Riding Fees at Oceano Dunes
A bill that would double entrance fees at all of California's OHV parks to $10.00 for each vehicle and an additional $10.00 for a trailer. Under the bill, the new sticker fees for OHV vehicles would increase a whopping 228%! The fees would go form $25.00 every two years up to $82.00! The one good portion of this bill is the continuance of the state's OHV program through 2013. This program was scheduled to be ended on January 1, 2008 and everyone was unsure of how its end would affect the OHV riding areas. What we want to ask the politicians in this case is for a detailed accounting for the spending of the funds currently obtained from the current entrance fees and OHV stickers! The OHV community already commits a lot of money to fund these parks in the state gas tax, federal off-road grants funded by the federal gas excise tax, and the direct park and OHV sticker fees! We'd like to know where all of this money is going before we're going to agree on a seemingly arbitrary increase! California OHVers should start contacting their r State Reps and ask them where the current funding is going?

Oceano Dunes State OHV Area is by far the most popular off-road park unit in the state with an annual budget of $6.1 million. State Park officials have stated that the Oceano Dunes visitors contribute an estimated $150 million of revenue to the county. OHVers are a financial godsend to the county. Why are we hearing about increases in fees? The state Senate passed the bill in a 21 to 17 vote. The greenie group, the California Wilderness Coalition, has stated that it will support the bill if it is amended. The coalition wants to see more money set aside for restoration and more provisions that will reportedly prevent future damage. Well, gosh, a green group is for something that will hurt us. Go figure that! The opponents of the bill include the American Motorcyclist Association, the American Sand Association, the California Association of Four Wheel Drive Clubs and the California Off-Road Vehicle Association. The bill’s sponsor, state Sen. Darrell Steinberg, D-Sacramento (we think everyone needs to send him an email!), said he expects the new fees to raise $30 million in new funds to help manage the state OHV Park system and to be used toward assistance grants. But when pushed for specifics, Sen Steinberg was reported to have said, "It’s difficult to say at this point exactly how the new funds will be used within the department ...but the Legislature expects that the money (will) improve public safety, resource protection and law enforcement.” Well that's just great Senator! You're in a hurry to raise our fees but you have no idea how the money will be spent!! Might some of it wind up in the pockets of some of your friends?!

We here at OHV Off Road Info say NO to this bill and demand that the OHVers of California get a detailed accounting report of where the existing OHV fees and funds are being spent before any increase is considered!

Something To Consider
This Letter to The Editor is pretty insightful. There may not be laws governing the use of an ATV where you live, but please exercise some discretion and give your neighbors a break! The lady that wrote this letter doesn't sound like she is being to demanding to us, Really all she is asking for is a little peace and quiet. We think if you're a good neighbor you'll consider this type of thing and restrict the use of your ATV in close quarters to daylight hours only and exclude riding before 10:00 am and after 7:00 PM to allow others to enjoy what they find beautiful, the sound of nature. If you don't, you will probably find some new laws regarding your ATV use in your future.

US Consumer Product Safety Council Claims Kazuma Meerkat 50 Youth ATV Is Unsafe
The United States government agency, US Consumer Product Safety Council, has stated that the Chinese-made all-terrain vehicle, the Kazuma Meerkat 50 Youth All-Terrain Vehicle, is unsafe. The council stated that the ATV has multiple safety defects, and children riding it are "at risk of injury or death." In spite of this review and announcement, the distributor, Kazuma Pacific Inc. (a Texas business) has refused to recall the vehicle, declined to make any type of settlement with the US Consumer Product Safety Council and continues to sell the ATV!

You Tell 'Em Jenny! - An OHVer Speaks Out
In her words "The anti-access groups have engaged in a propaganda campaign of false information, scare tactics and threats. They have been incapable of debating the OHV/ORV issue in a reasonable, fair and intelligent manner. Contrary to the anti-access propaganda, OHV families are actually pro-environment...OHV families generate tremendous revenues for state and local governments and our local businesses. OHV families and riders do not advocate illegal activity, nor are they “terrorists.”" We love what this lady had to say!

Finally, ORV Advocates Are Playing The Same Game!
Joe Scott, a wealthy ORV advocate, has hired a professional spokesman/consultant/lobbyist closely tied to the power players involved in a battle over land designation in the Boulder-White Cloud Mountains of Central Idaho. This is one of the few times that the ORV side has availed itself of the political ties so very important in winning these types of battles! For years our enemies have used these types of arrangements to their advantage. Its about time we get in the game! We laud the effort of Mr. Scott and thank him for the defense of our sport! Currently, Idaho Representative, Mike Simpson, is pushing a bill to designate the 300,000 acres wilderness thus cutting off access to OHV vehicles to the land.

Another Negative Article About Off-Roading
The writer has little good to say about the off-road pursuit. The ranchers are the victims this time. These are the same people that are constantly being blamed for overgrazing and ruining range. Yet, they are now the victims from the ghastly off road crowd. The media is really turning up the heat on us. The good thing is that the article points out that funds need to be raised to create places for OHVers to ride. We couldn't agree more with that! We just want to make sure that all of the revenues raised from us goes to support our ride venues!

Article About The "Squeeze" Being Put On Available Land By Increasing Numbers of OHV Numbers and Less Riding Acreage
This article is a fairly level headed discussion of the problem in Southern California. We'd like to see more of a questioning of the politicians for failing to address the situation.

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