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Important Info.
We feel that some articles and information are so important that they should always be accessible. We've listed them below and hope that everyone will read them.

Tellico ORV Area Under Attack

MOAB Under Attack!

US Forest Service Abusing programs and we're losing land use!

Editorial Article about the misuse of Recreation Site Facility Master Planning (RSFMP) program

National Forests Could See Large Closures - enough said!

California OHV Funding At Risk!

Informative Article About The US Government and the Recreation Site Facility Master Plan (RSFMP) program. - a must read!

Articles of Interest To The Off Road Community

June 3, 2007
Collier County FL Opening New Swamp Buggy / ATV Park July 2007!
Collier County commissioners unanimously voted to approve a contract to lease land from the South Florida Water Management District and will open a park three weekends a month for up to two years. The OHV park will be north of Immokalee just east of State Road 29 and south of County Road 830 (south of the Collier-Hendry border). The South Florida Water Management District will cover all costs associated with establishing the park and managing it, while the county government will staff it. This new park opening announcement comes approximately 19 months after a promise was made to open an OHV park in Collier County to make up for the state's closing of Southern Golden Gate Estates to off road riding.

Wildlands CPR Targets Off-Road Vehicle Abuse Of Public Lands
The Wildlands CPR was formed in 1994 and is a clearinghouse and network designed to dramatically decrease the ecological impacts of wildland roads on public lands. In other words, they are about dramatically decreasing our access to public lands. As their web site states, "a vocal minority of off-road vehicle users are driving all over our public lands. Our natural landscapes are becoming increasingly crowded, noisy places, limiting our freedom to enjoy the peace and quiet that make our public lands special....by ensuring that public land managers effectively control and manage off-road vehicles."

We here at Off Road Information certainly agree that we should have roadless spaces and have control limits placed on where OHVs can go, but we have a huge problem with how it is currently being done and the amount of space they are giving us. When you've allowed us access to 200,000 acres and then you limit us to 60 some miles of trails and a few hundred acres of open riding space, you're being completely ridiculous. OHV numbers are rising, not shrinking! We need some reasonable plans put into effect, which deliver good access, a decent amount of land, and areas located all over the USA. We are taxpayers and citizens of this country too, and we deserve to be treated fairly.

Here are some of their "success stories" for putting it to ORV interests.

ATV Related Accidents and Deaths On The Rise
As reported in the above linked article there were more than 136,000 ATV-related emergency-room visits in 2005 with 748 of them resulting in deaths. These are not minor numbers folks. With these problems rising look for more legislation focusing on ATV use and safety around the country.

ATV Problems Dogging Folks In Ohio and PA
This article is another in a long series of "make all ATV riders look bad" for the actions of the minority.

Edwards Air Force Base May Close Off Riding If Problems Continue
According to Edwards Air Force Base Officials ORV riders who stray from existing paths in the designated ORV areas and insist on making new trails put those areas at risk of closure to all riders! The reported abuse has been most prevalent in ORV Area 2, where weekend riders have been observed riding south and west of the area. These riders cut new trails, which leads to new damage to existing desert areas. The officials have stated that if they cannot get a handle on the problem the will consider closing off all riding. Way to go derelicts! Screw up riding for all of us just because you can't follow a few simple rules.

HillzNHollarz Off Road Park Allowed To Operate for June 2007
The off road park was granted the right to operate during the month of June 2007 by the Henry County Zoning Board. The Zoning Board agreed to allow the extension to allow for more time to review the proposed operating application, and for HillzNHollarz to submit additional information concerning the park’s layout and master plan. The meeting has been re-scheduled for the last Monday in June 2007.

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More important offroad / OHV / Public Land articles!
Look over all of these important articles and happenings with public land battles.





















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