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We feel that some articles and information are so important that they should always be accessible. We've listed them below and hope that everyone will read them.

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Where's the Beef? - Benefits From OHV Activity

When it comes to OHV use and riding areas, it is pretty easy to see where the beef is! Just ask West Virginia and its Hatfield-McCoy Regional Recreation Area. Established in 1996 and initially opened in 2000, this trail system has become an economic engine for the 8 counties in southern West Virginia where the system lies. The counties are Boone, Lincoln, McDowell, Mingo, Wayne, Wyoming, Mercer, and Kanawha (which will only have a 4X4 off-road park that is currently under development and will not be a part of the ATV trail system).

A study conducted by Marshall University has found that the Hatfield-McCoy trails are a major factor in improving the economic condition of the 8 counties. A study conducted for the State of West Virginia shows that the trail system has led visitors to spend $110,000,000.00 in 2004 alone! The tourist dollars for the past 5 years are as follows:

  • 2000 $80,500,000
  • 2001 $83,300,000
  • 2002 $86,100,000
  • 2003 $97,800,000
  • 2004 $110,000,000

State Taxes brought in by the system for those same 5 years were:

  • 2000 $7,300,000
  • 2001 $7,600,000
  • 2002 $7,900,000
  • 2003 $8,400,000
  • 2004 $8,600,000

Other economic studies show that outdoor recreation is one of the fastest growing sectors of the economy, which should mean continued growth for West Virginia. From looking at the data it is easy to see that this trail system has been very good for the 8 county region and the state of West Virginia.

The irrefutable facts are in, the creation and development of this OHV trail system was a brilliant move and the folks in West Virginia should be commended for their progressive thinking and bold moves in carrying it out. The Hatfield-McCoy system has been so effective that the states of Kentucky and Virginia are moving forward to develop similar systems that will eventually tie in with West Virginia's trail system to create a huge 3-state OHV riding area consisting of over 5,000 miles of trails! Harlan County in Kentucky has already stepped into the offroad business with opening their Black Mountain Offroad Adventure Park. This property encompasses over 6,000 acres with an excess of 200 miles of marked and rated trails. This offroad riding area will tie in with the others that are developed in the nearby Kentucky counties to form the basis of the Kentucky trail system.

We see that West Virginia, Kentucky and Virginia have taken this American love affair with ATVs and 4x4's and used it to create an enviable economic engine under a controlled and sustainable system. Why hasn't this caught on in other areas of the country? Why are other states fighting what these states are embracing? ATV ownership has proliferated all over the country and these folks want places to ride their rigs and will reward the locales with large financial benefits. Yet, we have government officials fighting tooth and nail to not only not open riding areas but close those public places where riding has been allowed for the past 20 years. What gives?























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