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We feel that some articles and information are so important that they should always be accessible. We've listed them below and hope that everyone will read them.

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Wired Up About ATV Tires

By Tony Mikeal

Every time, before the hit the ATV trails, which part of your ATV should you check and change first? Make a wild guess. If you answered ATV tires, then you're right on the dot. All's not last if you said ATV attire, of course, you're quite close, anyway.

Jokes aside, not only should you check your ATV tires regularly to see if they are in need to repair or replacement, it makes sense for you to change the ATV tires according to the ATV terrain that you're going to be riding. Are you going to ride your ATV on sand, mud or just around the backyard? Not all ATV tires are the same, believe you me! If you don't change the tires to suit the terrain, not only will you risk not having fun, you'll also risk getting stuck….a lot. Many ATV tire brands make different types of ATV tires suitable for different terrains. The big names are, of course, Goodyear, Firestone and Bridgestone but there are many others you can safely count on. Some ATV tires are cheaper than others without compromising the quality of the tires while some take your money and make you pay for the company's branding exercise and advertisements. If you're not sure which ATV tire brand to count on, ask around among your friends. I am pretty sure some of them can give you very vivid details about their experiences.

When you talk about mud ATV tires, you're basically talking about tires with a whole lot of traction. When you ride the mud, you need the tires to dig in and get the ATV moving. Many new models of ATV tires are designed in such a way that the mud tires can literally clean themselves up as they spin in mud. Sounds interesting, doesn't it? but it works. One such example is the Phantom Mud King – mud tires to keep you charging through big and small mud puddles.

The saddest thing is that when you go shopping for ATV tires, you'll be surprised that most of the ATV tire stores don't stock up on many types of tires. That's because ATV tires are fast moving consumer products and it isn't easy to find enough space to stock up on all the different types of ATV tires in the market. So, the best thing to do is to get connected to the guy at the ATV tire store, let him know what you need and then come collect the ATV tires when they're there. And you can't do it over the phone either. You have to know precisely what type of ATV tire you're looking for before purchase. It's not like when you're trying to get your car tires replaced – name the make, the model and the car type and you're on the right track. With ATV tires, especially mud tires, it's really harder to tell.

With that, I hope you're clearer than before about buying ATV tires. Ride well, ride safe and ride often!

Tony Mikael is an ATV enthusiast enthusiastically promoting ATV riding as a sport and family activity! When he's not off on one of his impromptu ATV expeditions, he runs one of the hottest and fastest-growing ATV sites right now...http://www.atv4kids.com . More articles on ATV tires can be found here http://atv4kids.com/mini-atv-tires.htm

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